Australia Vetiver grass suppliers and leading experts in Vetiver System design for erosion control, wastewater treatment, and soil & water rehabilitation.
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Veticon is highly experienced in the design and implementation of Vetiver System (VS) solutions for infrastructure stabilisation and protection works in both land and water based situations. Vetiver Systems are an effective method of infrastructure resilience planning and asset protection.


We provide tailored Vetiver System solutions that address the needs of erosion and sediment control, soil and water conservation, and revegetation for the stabilisation, protection and integrity of; roads, railways, commercial and residential buildings, dam walls, riverbanks, coastal foreshores, and drains, protecting against erosion, instability and flood disasters.


A unique bioengineering tool, Vetiver grass is ideally designed to address infrastructure development and protection, due to its soil binding and strengthening properties combined with its capacity to reduce water flow velocity, spread and divert water runoff, increase water infiltration, and penetrate dense, difficult, hardpan and rocky layers of soil. The application of VS solutions ensures the longevity of infrastructure investment, restoration and protection.



Veticon is the industry leader in the research, development and application of Vetiver System (VS) solutions for wastewater treatment and disposal. Veticon designs and implements VS wastewater treatment solutions to address industrial and municipal sewage and effluent, landfill leachate disposal, agrochemical pollution, industrial wastewater and polluted waters purification.


Wastewater toxicity and its offsite pollution are widespread problems with immense damaging environmental impacts, and vegetative treatment methods are the only practical techniques for large-scale reduction and elimination of wastewater.


Vetiver grass is especially qualified to address the toxicities found within wastewater, due to its capacity to tolerate elevated and toxic levels of salinity, alkalinity, acidity, pesticides, herbicides, and heavy metal contaminants. Vetiver possesses a high capacity to absorb and tolerate elevated nutrient (NPK) levels in wastewater or polluted waters. Along with its capacity to produce fast growth and high yield dry matter, which are all requirements to effectively address and improve poor water quality.




Veticon provides expert advice and analysis for the implementation of Vetiver System (VS) solutions for the multitude of applications within the resources, energy and mining sector. Vetiver System solutions can be applied for infrastructure and asset protection, disaster mitigation and environmental protection and rehabilitation.


Vetiver grass is an environmentally harmonious and long-term solution for stabilisation and protection works of buildings, access roads and infrastructure. A dense tufted grass, with deep interlocking roots; Vetiver is also the ideal silt fencing solution for sediment and water runoff to eliminate offsite contamination for long-term environmental protection.


Vetiver’s unique tolerance to adverse soil conditions and elevated levels of heavy metals, including arsenic, cadmium, copper, chromium, lead, mercury, nickel, selenium and zinc, make it especially pertinent for pollution control and contaminated land rehabilitation. Vetiver’s fast and high yield see it remove a higher quantity of nutrients and heavy metals from contaminated lands than most hyperaccumulators. Veticon has successfully executed VS designs for minesite rehabilitation of gold, coal, bentonite and bauxite mines.



The design and application of Vetiver System (VS) solutions in agricultural based situations is multi-faceted. Vetiver System designs can address a multitude of different requirements in both small and large-scale agricultural sectors, providing long-term sustainable agricultural productivity and improvement.


Veticon applies its experience and expertise to execute VS designs for steep slope and gully bank stabilisation, gully floor rehabilitation, contour bank creation, soil and water conservation, flood erosion control, nutrient and soil fertility improvement, groundwater recharge, crop yield improvement, erosion and sediment control, and offsite and onsite pollution control.


Vetiver’s unique characteristics and wide-ranging uses make it the ideal tool for the diverse needs of agricultural cultivation. Vetiver grass is perfectly designed as a bioengineering tool to address agricultural land and water based infrastructure requirements, due to its soil binding and strengthening properties. Combined with its ability to withstand adverse conditions and tolerate agrochemical pollutants, Vetiver addresses pollution control and agricultural land and water rehabilitation needs, whilst also acting to improve soil fertility and nutrient cycling.




Vetiver grass possesses unique attributes that make it exceptional for environmental protection and rehabilitation. Veticon designs VS solutions to address environmental protection and rehabilitation, including wastewater treatment and disposal, contaminated lands rehabilitation, pollution control, water purification, coastal erosion protection, and carbon sequestration, which all contribute to the unique applicability of Vetiver grass for long-term protection and disaster mitigation.


Vetiver System (VS) applications are in their very nature environmentally harmonious and beneficial, as all VS applications act to reduce greenhouse gas emissions through gas sequestration. The soil binding and strengthening properties of its root system serve to stabilise and protect land and water from flooding and erosion. Vetiver is also highly tolerant to elevated and toxic levels of salinity, alkalinity, acidity, pesticides, herbicides, and heavy metal contaminants. It also increases microbial activity, which is essential for the treatment and removal of nutrients, pollutants and heavy metal toxicities, whilst also serving to increase soil fertility. This makes Vetiver an extremely effective tool for the treatment of contaminated land and water, ensuring it has the capacity to support further vegetation and assisting in the recreation of functional ecosystems.



Veticon has a strong community vision that derives from the inherent nature of its co-creators and from the qualities of Vetiver grass itself. Community has been an important element in the development of the Vetiver System, not only in the creation of the international Vetiver community, with the central pillar being The Vetiver Network International (TVNI), but also in its application. Vetiver has been internationally applied in farming and rural communities for community needs, education and project development.


Veticon has a strong community vision and focus to use Vetiver to assist in the needs of local communities, especially in the realms of environmental rehabilitation and protection. Veticon believes that through community involvement and collaboration we can start to reverse the damage done and protect the earth we inhabit. Within Australia, Veticon is especially interested in the issue of coastal erosion and Great Barrier Reef protection. We know that the multitude of applications of Vetiver grass will benefit communities on both small and large scales.